Cartoon Character Rigging USD 225,00 (English Version) (R$ 980.00 brazilian real)

Cartoon Character Rigging USD 225,00 (English Version) (R$ 980.00 brazilian real)

This course aims to teach the student to think of rigging systems of cartoon characters so that he can apply the concepts and techniques to the most varied types of systems. It was designed in such a way as to give the student the best understanding.

The classes are recorded and the student can watch them at any time, until 1 year after the course purchase.

This course is done in Autodesk 3Ds Max software, but many of the concepts learned can also be used in other pipelines such as Autodesk Maya. It is interesting that the student already has some basic experience with 3Ds Max software.

​The model of the character Woodcutter is available to the student so that he can follow the lessons producing together the teacher, and is also available this character 100% rigged and skinned, body and facial, with all the resources that I present in the video for study purpose.

In this course you will learn how to: prepare a model so that it can be rigged correctly, find angles between vectors, manipulate transformation arrays, reference values, ik / fk blending systems parameterized for arms and legs, stretch and squash through coding, elbow, hand and knee pinnings, parametrized automatic clavicle, twisting system for spine and wrists, add Custom Attributes via maxscript, bend arm and bend leg with secondary controls, radians and degrees, Foot Roll parameterized via maxscript, 2-axes Foot, automate tasks with Loop For, automatic systems for fingers, correct position of bones, corrective blendshapes using mathematics (linear equations), Float Reaction, skinning techniques for complex meshes, 3 different techniques for corrective blendshapes, head stretch and squash, muzzle rigging, scalable eyes, automatic eyelids, pupil control, zygomatic simulation and depressor, selection user interface, and more!

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